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The general public might not know MURS. But if you know hip-hop (not poppy radio) then you have most likely have heard the name. Recently my friend Nancy and I have been collaborating on all sorts of projects, this being the newest one. Murs approached us with the goal of redesigning his current website, how he found us is another story.  So his current site needs help, and Nancy and I have come up with a few ideas that we will be showing him in the next few days.

Hopfully within the next few weeks you will see a new and improved MURS website. And now for you enjoyment an excellent MURS music video.

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Freelance: Esther Chang

Esther contracted me to help code her site, consider it done.
Check out the website and her awesome work at

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Freelance: Had to Be Productions

Had to Be Productions is a collection of plays about social awareness put on by Carrie Gibson and Tony Curry.

Their mission: “To increase awareness of workplace issues and inspire active empathy through original theatrical documentary plays and workshops designed to enlighten, entertain and move an organization forward.

Carrie and Tony approached my professor Clive Piercy who runs the design firm Air Conditioned. They needed a complete revamp of their website and identity as well as new print collateral. Quite the big job, Clive called me and asked if I would like to take this job for some freelance. So I sat down with Clive, Carrie and Tony and we broke down what needs to be done.

I began doing some research of their plays before I started to create the logo, and I noticed that they do not use props. They only seemed to need two chairs, and a spotlight. For the website I used wordpress as a back end, the clients seem to like it and find it easy to use. I am currently finishing up their business card design but the website is finished and they have been updating it frequently without any problems or help from me. Their favorite part is probably the most simple thing on the entire site, they love the little mouseover animations on the main navigation.

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