MURSWORLD: Updates, StarWars and Greyskull

MURS’ new website will be launching soon. Nancy, Peter and I (or as MURS likes to call us… “NPK”) have been working very closely with MURS to complete the new website/blog for his latest album dropping around Feb. 8th. The new site is very much a traditional blog that will host new projects, albums, photos and even a comic book or two (yes I said comic book). Most of the artwork done for MURS is done by Jeff Grell @ At Large Media

It’s exciting for me to have this opportunity to work with MURS someone whose music I listen to on is now one of my clients, sweet. I also discovered his love for StarWars Anyone who is down for StarWars is ok with me.

Keep your eyes peeled for the new site and get your tickets to his tour PAID DUES.
“By the power of greyskull!”

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