Freelance: OHMY pt.1

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting Abby and Jane, two very special people who have a passion of helping others in need. Abby and Jane have took it upon themselves to develop a non-profit organization that helps several other organizations around the world. I would describe the idea as a cross between a non-profit meets Threadless. The organization will generate revenue by selling t-shirts designed to raise awareness for specific humanitarian issues. 100% of the proceeds will donated to a worthy 501(C)(3) non-profit foundation.

I have been working closely with them to develop the site, and it has been a great experience as I partnered with my friend Andres to implement use of our custom CMS (content managing system), unfortunately we worked so hard on it that we gave it the horrible name of “Admin Panel”

You’ll want to keep reading for the good stuff :]

A look at the admin panel:

A look at the website still in development for a launch very soon!

OHMY is having a “soft-launch” and inviting designers everywhere to participate in sending in shirt designs. You can get the core files, more info on the themes and info on the prizes here:

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