Freelance: Lolli Beach Candy pt.1

My old client and friend Vy Nguyen who I met and worked for back in 2009 returned to me with enthusiasm I have not seen in a person before. Working with other young entrepreneurs always excites me, especially when you can see that they have a real passion in what they do. Vy started her own swimsuit line in 2009 named Lolli Beach Candy, the designs are unique and based off of things she loved as a child. The website is launch and open to the public and the shop will be open in a few days.

Vy wanted a fresh new look for the website to compliment her 2011 line. I had always wanted to try a method of using full bleed photos with a custom navigation, I saw an opportunity with this site and took it. Love the way it came out however I am still working on some bugs with Internet explorer because as some of you know jQuery and CSS3 do not play nice with Microsoft.

The site is run COMPLETELY off of wordpress and the default twentyten theme that has been customize in every way possible by yours truly.  Many thanks to all the wordpress and jQuery nerds of the world, cheers.

My favorite part of the site actually is very minor and somewhat silly. I love the blog, when you scroll down the blog the white transparent container kisses the edge of the pink box in the navigation. Sweet.

Vy and her model.

Group shot. Girls + myself…cool.

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