Project: This Was Expensive pt.1

We’re at it again, Nancy and I have added another big item to our already growing to do list. “” is a project I started in an information design class over a year ago based on the world’s most expensive domains(.coms) every purchased. The original graphic charts the value / price, the domain owner and category then compares that info to the average number of visits / hits the site gets each month. All websites shown are listed according to websites trackers:, and Statistics vary upon what information was available and are taken from most recently recorded activity for that domain.

The original graphic was extremely long for dramatization and stretched out to a 120″ x 18″ poster with some dots going way off the canvas of the poster. I was able to create a short little video of the experience.

I had originally uploaded this video to youtube and it made a small impact overnight gaining about 1,000 hits in a few hours. After a little investigating I had found that CORE77 had made a quick tweet about it. Not long after my favorite info design blog picked it up and made a post. Strangely enough it got onto some strange Russian forum and I was bombarded with emails, some angry that it was 100% accurate data and some wanting a poster but not wanting to pay for it. I was also contacted by someone at and to have a copy in their office.

Our goal is to make this somewhat “live” to a point where at least a static state is clickable for a viewer until we are able to find a way to obtain data dynamically from all 3 website trackers. We are looking into the use of some of the following: jQuery, SVGs, HTML5′s canvas, and some flash. More about this project very soon, stay tuned.

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