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Graduation is creeping up in about a week. It’s hard to believe I’ve called this place home for so long (Art Center College of Design) and now I finally have reached the finish line. Time to find a job, make a living and lets not forget – repaying those friendly lenders for all my loans.

A fresh new look on life requires a fresh new portfolio, hopefully the new website will help engage the viewer and really get close and personal with my work. NO really, literally get close with my work, I made sure my site had full bled images to fill up each page, its pretty different than what I had been doing before. There are always tons of people who will tell you what to do or how you should do things, many told me to step away from the little hints of Star Wars, but I did it anyways. This website is mines, this portfolio is mines and whatever is on it is a part of me. So I’m going to do just that, do me (yes that is me on the front page).

A tip: you can navigate the site in 2 ways. One – clicking the thumbnails at the bottom of each project. Two – clicking the left and right arrows that also appear on each project.

Another thing about graduation…Google rep is coming. This is one of the biggest moments for me, this blog, and the whole kevinforgoogle campaign this is my first shot at something I have been longing for. Cross your fingers people – here we go.

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