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The future is here, well around June 15th anyways.

Re-blogged from Urbergizmo

We live blogged the Google I/O keynote on Wednesday where major announcements were made, including the launch of the Google  Chromebook computers manufactured by Samsung and Acer that will be available June 15 in the US for $449 (Samsung WiFi version), $499 (Samsung WiFi+3G version) and $349 (Acer).

“The future is on the web”…”in a browser”, Google says, so the search giant is bringing its dream to the market in the form of the Chromebook.

For those who did not follow the Google computer story, since the beta model codenamed CR-48 launched last year, here is the deal: the Chromebook runs the Chrome OS and users have access to data and applications only from the web via the Chrome Browser. Google claims that this new “computing model” enables a higher level of security, since users do not have to install anti-viruses, instead relying on web services and Google “multi-layers” security including sandboxing, data encryption, and verified boot, features that were in the CR-48, go to this page and this page to get a detailed overview.

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Unbuntu and a Viliv S10 Blade…?

Bored the other day so I took the Viliv S10 blade laptop (tablet pc/netbook?) and attempted to install Unbuntu.

This post will serve as an experiment and also double as a review of the Viliv. Viliv is known to make small portable computing devices. This laptop came several weeks late from a BBB approved (or so they say…) company named “Dynamism”. After finally arriving the laptop felt and looked great, very slim, sd card reader, two styluses and even a decent battery. However they had loaded a copy of Windows XP home edition, which is fine… if it was at least the touch screen version. A touch screen device on a normal copy of Windows XP is not fun nor intuitive.

Boredem took over one day and I decided to try to install Unbuntu because I have always wanted to mess with it. However the Viliv had other plans for me…


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