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Grad Show

Wow I let months slip by without updates, I will be posting some updates and projects and more news on my quest for Google. You will want to check back frequently :]

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Google: Cr-48 Chrome Notebook

Unfortunately despite my early application to get one of these awesome notebooks, I did not end up actually receiving one. However, my friend Alex was lucky enough to get his hands on… 2! (now someone tell me how that is fair). No he did not give me but he let me examine it. It’s amazingly fast and I know Google was saying the shell of the laptop is temporary but I absolutely love it. It has a soft matte coating and its ENTIRELY black.

If you’re listening Google, you can still send me one, you have my info :)

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Holiday Recap with Random Photos

Back from a much needed break, instead of telling you all the boring details, I have random photos for you. Enjoy.


Her first Asian market

Balloon ride

Her first dimsum experience

VLC media player wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas

Fancy Christmas card in the mail

Tron twice on opening day, once at midnight and again in the evening. Did I mention I had a final at 8am? Priorities. Also Kim’s first IMAX movie.

Graduation time, close friends move away… take note of the shirt. Miss you guys.

Too many screens

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