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Star Wars Photo Contest

Please help me by voting for my photo in the Star Wars Are you the biggest fan contest! You can vote once a day until November 7th. I know it is asking for a lot but every vote counts! They told me to give up because this other guy has over 200 votes and has great friends that help him by voting once a day. But I will not go down without a fight. Please help by going to this link or clicking the photo below once everyday. Thank you for all your continued support. Vote Here

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Android x: R2D2 part2

Free wallpaper for everybody!!! Free wallpaper for you! And you! And you!

I recieved such a great feedback from my little R2d2 x Droid project I completed, many random twitter messages and emails asking me for a wallpaper. So I decided to create some! Here you have the 1280x960px for your desktops/laptops and here also I’ve created another for your smartphones. Enjoy and send me photos if you use them, I will post them to this site. Thanks!

R2d2 x android project wallpaper

Download Wallpaper for your phone (320x480px)

R2d2 x android project wallpaper

Download wallpaper for your desktop/laptop (1280x960px)

Made a special one for my twitter account (@kevinforgoogle)
follow me on twitter @kevinforgoogle

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AdobeMAX 2010

I was fortunate enough to attend the AdobeMAX 2010 conference in Los Angeles this year thanks to the kind sponsorship of my school. I participated in some excited lectures and hands on labs where we explored things like building Android apps, building and learning about GoogleTV (“smart TVs”), HTML5 and other amazing things.

On top of that they provided amazing food throughout the whole day for everyone. But it didn’t stop there besidesĀ  the normal trade show freebies, Adobe managed to give out free Motorola Droid2s, Logitech GoogleTV and an Adobe Air TV developer box kit.

Also met tons of people that I believe could be key to my future job. Also I received two major tweets about myself, but that’s a story for another post.

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Android x: R2D2

Here’s an analogy for you.

Star Wars : R2D2
Google : Android

Want to make your own custom Android? Here are vector files of the basic android body, start customizing!
Download Zip (321kb)

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